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PS Composites focuses on providing paddlers with access to top quality custom built squirt, surf and river kayaks - each as unique as the riders themselves.

Live Free, Paddle Hard

PS Composites’ kayaks are created one at a time. This allows you total input on the model, construction, colors, graphics, and for squirt and river kayaks the sizing.  We build your kayak to your specifications so you can customize your ride to your environment and needs. It's all about you and we like it that way.

America is the land of Freedom of Choice and we grant you that freedom.  We understand that you have the greatest insight into your needs and we don't expect you to be perfectly suited to kayaks bought "off the rack".

We want you to choose the ultimate combination for your needs and desires. We will help you custom fit to your world of adventure and excitement.  Our job is to render recreational equipment in its optimal form- perfectly yours.

Roam our pages to learn about Paul Schreiner, the kayaks we build, the designers who create the shapes, and much more fun stuff... Please enjoy!

Proudly Creating kayaks as individual as the paddlers themselves

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